Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked a few questions pretty often, so I've decided to post them, and their answers here - I'll add to this list as time goes on - here are a few to get started. Just click on each question to see the answer.

Do you come to the rehearsal?

As often as possible - it's a great time to meet and get to know members of the bridal party and other family members before the event, and also learn the rules of the venue.

Where are your packages?

We've moved to a pricing system that allows you to configure exactly what components you need for your wedding. We found that we were spending a lot of time providing custom quotes to brides, clients and coordinators so this was a natural progression. Let us know how you like it! Click here to try it out!

We're not getting married in Houston. Do you travel?

Assignments that involve travel are welcomed. We are available for wedding assignments around the United States as well as international destination weddings.

Where should we have our engagement portraits taken?

We can suggest a number of different locations, depending on your individual style. Also, we'd be happy to take suggestions from you - also, portraits can be taken in-studio if that's your preference. Some reception venues are fantastic for pictures, and will allow a portrait session once you've booked them, so that's always an option.

When can we meet with you to see samples of your work and reserve our date?

Saturdays are generally bad, but weekdays are great - even in the evenings, so you can make it after work. In some cases we can even make a Sunday appointment.